India ka Taste Zingy Ho Gaya

Coffee Vending Machine


This Coffee Vending Machine would facilitate serving of 50+ Variety in TEA / COFFEE / GREEN TEA in 20 Seconds for all Hotels / Restaurants / Kiosk etc. It Will Provide Hot Water as well as Hot Milk for a complete day and theres no need for Gas Stove as well as Gas Cylinder . Very simple and easy to operate . Inbuilt thermostat temperature controller as well as Auto Cut off feature to save electricity as well as cost once the milk is already boiled at a certain temperature as required ( say 90 degrees ) . It would also facilitate lower overall cost as during the whole day , it would just consume 12-15 units * of electricity and would avoid again and again boiling of milk as well as wastage of labour cost and time .

For the further benefits of this boiler in comparison with Vending Machines , Look at the following Video :

Coffee Vending Machine