India ka Taste Zingy Ho Gaya


Flavour tea

Serving TEA or COFFEE be a gesture Trend in each Family across Globe.

Housewife has to be in kitchne many a times during day. Moreover it's being compulsion for Family Members or Guest to opt for only one variety of Tea or Coffee. Gas Burning - Boiling - Sieving be too cumbersome for Tea / Coffee preparation as it tends to involve many utensils as well.

ZINGYSIP brings Innovative solutions for every household to be easy serving way of Tea / Coffee / Green Tea with multiple choice & to serve Hot or Cold.

Just it needs Flask to keep Hot Milk mixture be ready as well as Cold Milk too. Just pour our 1 spoon of Instant NATURAL Flavour Tea / Coffee & stir well with Blender. Serve in a Foamy presentation alike Big Brand serving at Cafe.

Try out with few Flavours & feel the difference. Only precaution required to keep Spray Dried Powder free from Moisture.

Please review our Videos to explain the same in Youtube ( search ZINGYSIP )

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